About MetaView

MetaView is designed to help you quickly see patterns, spot market trends and discover cause and effect in the market. MetaView speeds your research workflow by minimizing clicks and keystrokes and centralizing all relevant news and information. MetaView can be used passively, like a financial news channel, or interactively to research sectors and markets.

• See markets in 3D to:

- find new opportunities
- understand competition in market sectors
- understand market topology and its relationship to the economy
- spot participant herding and breakup
- see price and volume trends across markets

• Graph headlines and historical events
• Relate event timing and market activity
• Tools to help find causes of stock price movements
• Shortcuts find a stock on popular financial sites with 1 click

• Organize your research notes and bookmarks
• See your entire portfolio in a single glance
• Stay up to date fast with the MetaView Screensaver
• Built in RSS reader keeps you up to date with public news feeds

• MetaView Application and Screensaver: $49.95 - MetaView Data Feed $15/month