What are the minimum requirements for running MetaView?

MetaView currently requires Mac OS 10.4 or higher, 768 megs RAM, and 20 megs of hard drive space for install. MetaView can run on a G4 processor but a G5 or Intel Duo Mac or better is recommended. MetaView is a universal application.

Is there a PC version of MetaView?

We will be releasing a PC version of MetaView soon, click here to be notified when it is available.

Is a data subscription required to use MetaView?

Yes, it is designed to work with an inexpensive data feed. Data is stored locally to speed loading of views with large amounts of data.

How much space does market data take up?

Market data accrues at the rate of approximately 700 megs a year.

Does MetaView have to be running all the time to keep up with data downloading?

No, the data downloader is a separate program that only launches when it is scheduled to, it does its job and then quits. It gets launched at the scheduled time by cron, which is a system process that is always running anway, so there is no slowdown of your system. If your machine is off or asleep during this time the downloader will catch up on back data the next time it runs.

Do I need to be online while using MetaView?

No, the majority of features use data stored on your local hard drive, you do of course need to be online when data is being downloaded.




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